What is lemon shampoo used for
What is lemon shampoo used for

What is lemon shampoo used for?

1. Washing your hair with lemon juice can promote the growth and development of hair, because citric acid can neutralize the alkaline components in the hair, thus playing a role in hair care.
2. Spray lemon juice on the head and expose it to the sun. The hair color will change after a few more exposures. The hair dyed in this way does not have so many chemical components that will not harm the hair.
3. Lemon peel contains colloidal components. Cut the lemon peel and soak it in water. Use it to shower to make the skin smooth and smooth. Lemon has the effect of promoting body fluids, quenching thirst, and expelling heat.
4. Smelling the lemon scent can make people stretch their minds and feel happy.
Note: Spray the diluted lemon juice evenly on the hair and dry it with hot air with a hairdryer. The hair will be slightly wine-red as if it has been dyed. However, this is temporary and should fade by itself soon.

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