Is it OK to leave pomade in your hair overnight?
Is it OK to leave pomade in your hair overnight?

Not possible. Hair pomade is a chemical substance, which is inherently harmful to the hair. When it touches the scalp, it can easily block the hair follicles, and this is how hair loss occurs. You should wash your hair after pomading. If you don't wash it, the accumulation of it day after day will be a burden to your hair.

1. Hair will be dirty with pomade. Hair pomade is an alkaline product. The function of alkaline products is to open the cuticles of the hair cuticle. But use too much words. Hair scales cannot be closed. It will look dry. Very frizzy. Hair needs regular care. Just make some baking oil appropriately.
2. If you often get the scalp layer, it will have an adverse effect on hair growth. If the pomade is often left on the scalp layer, it will cause hair loss in the future. Hair loss and hair loss will eventually lead to baldness.
How to use hair pomade styling correctly
1. First of all, you must roughly figure out the shape you want. This is the premise.
2. Dip a little hair pomade with your fingers, not too much, too much, it will not be easy to take care of and it will dry easily.
3. Gently apply the pomade on your fingers to your hands, and don't drop it on your fingers, because you mainly use your fingers to comb the haircut.
4. Finally, use your fingers to simply tidy up the tips of your hair, try to make it feel loose, and use your fingers to comb it up.


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