Is After Shave really necessary?
Is After Shave really necessary?

Many people think that aftershave is just a lighter perfume, which is similar to cologne. In fact, aftershave has more than that, but more importantly, it can help the skin recover.

Aftershave water usually contains astringent ingredients such as alcohol, witch hazel, etc. These ingredients help to relieve the skin irritation of the blade during shaving, and can also disinfect and stop bleeding during shaving, avoid bacterial infections and leave scars.

Just use the aftershave lotion after shaving and a simple massage to help it penetrate deeper into the pores.

Aftershave is not necessary, you can not use aftershave after shaving, although it is not good for your skin, especially your skin will be irritated and become more sensitive and fragile.

Aftershave and other products are not essential, but it can help boys repair skin irritation such as sensitive skin and acne.

Some aftershave lotions also contain ingredients such as aloe vera and moisturizers, which can help soothe the skin and prevent irritation and redness. Using aftershave lotion after shaving is very helpful for skin recovery.


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