How to use Hair Pomade
How to use Hair Pomade

1. Wash your hair
Before using the hair oil, make sure that the hair is clean and smooth, so that the hair oil can play a better role. Therefore, we must first wash the hair with shampoo. Note here that the hair with commonly used oil needs to be washed every day Head.

2. Dry your hair
As long as the hair needs to be styled, it is unavoidable to use a hair dryer to blow the hair. After washing the hair, we can use the hair dryer to blow the hair half dry.

3. Apply hair oil
We take a certain amount of hair oil in the palm of our hand, rub it with both hands, stick the oil evenly on the two palms, and then apply the oil evenly on the hair, try to apply it when the hair is just blown. At that time, the hair oil can penetrate into the hair and work better. But be careful not to apply hair oil to the roots of the hair, it will block the roots and cause hair loss and other problems.

4. Start styling
The oily hair will become very smooth, we can straighten the hair with a comb or hand, and shape the hair into the shape we want.

5. Organize your hair
Finally, we check our own hairstyle against the mirror to see if there are any problems. After finishing the look, the styling is complete.

The above is how to use hair oil, come and try to create a handsome hairstyle with hair oil yourself!

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